I’m Kiko, and this is Owen.

We just moved to Tokyo and we have no idea what we’re doing.

The name of this blog is the Japanese word kuidaore meaning “to eat oneself into bankruptcy; or to ruin oneself by extravagance of food” and is tied with the Dotonburi street food culture and the phrase “dress till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka”.
Basically, it encompasses what we plan to do during our year in Japan.

We’ve lived together in a few different cities, and a couple countries. And in between we’ve travelled all around the world, searching out the best food and (on Owen’s part) the sketchiest activities possible.

This is our adventure. For any young couple/person/family coming to live in a brand new place and build a little home away from home, I hope this provides insight, food for thought, and some laughs.

Here we’ll record our blunders, our shortcomings, our triumphs and most importantly; our many, many, many meals.

(If you want to check out my entirely food based blog with recipes, pop by sconewiththewind.com)

Thanks for stopping by!