Hi Again.

Hey there! It’s been a while.

I’m sorry for my not-so-brief absence. I don’t really have one big reason as to why I haven’t been updating the blogs, as much as a million little reasons. For me, I find, that when moving somewhere new there’s a few inevitable stages of emotions that I go through. First being chaos. Everything is new and crazy, everything needs figuring out and organizing, everything is overwhelming. When this passes, there’s a short lived phase of excitement and calm. A time when things finally seem slightly more settled and you can take some time to get to know your new surroundings and explore. This is usually followed by things not going the way I envisioned, which quickly tumbles into a lot of anxiety and the typical “what the fuck am I doing?! Why did I ever think this was a good idea?!”

Well that’s kind of where I was at for a bit. And then family came to visit, which was a wonderful and welcome break from feeling like a tiny lost kid in what can seem like a very unfriendly world. And amidst the wave of family here to visit, things started to come together- whether in reality or just that I felt a different level of calm about the whole thing. 

And that brings us to now. Not at all to imply that I have my shit together, because I don’t and I never in my entire life expect to truly have it together. But things feel less daunting. And I feel I can share adventures without the sense that I’m having to censor myself from screaming I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING AND I’M SCARED between every sentence. 

Right now I’m working at a big bakery in Tokyo, and it’s been a cool experience so far! Definitely a huge change, especially in environment and in culture- I’m used to working in very close knit team back home in Canada, where we were all crazy and like a little family. So changing jobs felt really strange to begin with, because I had established such great relationships with my co-workers back home, and here I had to start from scratch.

But it’s been a really good experience so far. Learning lots, both in the kitchen and about Japanese working culture. And I’m lucky to work with some really lovely people! Some already talking about coming to Vancouver for a visit when I go back!

So that kind of rounds it all up. I am, as I’ve always been (and probably always will be) a bit of an anxious mess. But I feel a little bit more like I’ve got solid ground under my feet, and can update this blog more regularly.

Lots of food and adventure posts coming soon!




  1. Life is about taking Rosks and challenging yourself! Without all that you will never know what you could have done or accomplished! Someday you will look back on this and be so happy and proud you had the chutzpah and will to do everything you set out to Do!!! It’s all soul building and Character building which will be wonderful for your future and to tell your children one day!!!! Proud of you!!!! Xoxo


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