Tokyo Eats: Tokyoen Yaki-Niku 

Have you ever had a meal so good that you think you might actually cry?

Regardless of if you have had a spiritual experience with food or not, you need to try this place.

It was Owen’s birthday a while back, and for dinner his request was that we try something in our neighbourhood that we wouldn’t usually try.

Now this didn’t mean something food wise that we wouldn’t try- because there’s very little that we aren’t open to. Japan has a wide range of weird and wonderful foods, and very few are bad. Some may just not be your cup of tea. But what O meant was he wanted to try a restaurant that we may not think to go into on a regular day. So we did a little scoping, and found a review for what was supposed to be a life changing Yaki-Niku restaurant (grilled meat).

We both love steak so thought that this would be a great one for a birthday dinner. We hunted it down, and it was this super cool wooden store front. Really non-descript, beautiful dark wood paneling. If you were in a hurry, there’s a good chance you’d miss it. There’s a tiny little glass window that’s your only real hint that there’s something behind the dark wall. If you peek inside, there’s a warm, traditional space with people gathered around tables with built in grills. 

It was amazing.

We ordered the 10 second steak (twice. It was so good we ordered a second round) which is thin slices of beef that you lay on the grill for only 10 seconds, then dip in the sauces they provide and, if you’re like me, cry. It was decadent, buttery but not too fatty. We also ordered the Calbi steak which was equally delicious, a thicker cut so even more decadent. For sides we got a seasonal soup, and the Tokyoen Salad- which was great. Lots of fresh greens with a garlicky-soy dressing. But I’d have to say the winner of the night was the 3 second beef. So tender it kind of melts and falls apart in your mouth. It’s unreal.

Not to mention that the food presentation is over the top in the best way. Our beautiful cuts of beef came on plates with dry ice and flower arrangements. So bougie.

The dipping sauces come straight to the table when you sit down. We got a sweet soy sauce, lemon juice, and a yuzu sauce. All so good. 

This place was a gem of a find, tucked away so I doubt we would have tried it if we weren’t actively looking for hidden places to eat. There’s no english menu so that makes it tricky for non-Japanese speakers. But if you can bring someone along who reads even just a bit of Japanese, it’s soooo worth it. 

It’s become a favourite of ours since our first dinner there. A place we bring friends and family visiting Tokyo, and it’s been a huge hit every time!

(There’s multiple locations, but we went to the one in Yutenji.)

Thanks for stopping by!


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