Tokyo Eats: 2-Chome Tsukemen Gachi

Let me start this off by saying I know that this is a Tsukemen restaurant, but holy shit they serve some of the best chicken karaage I’ve ever had. It was top 3 I think. I don’t know. We’re going back to test the waters again just to be sure, because that was a bold statement I made.

For those of you who don’t know, tsukemen is a style of dipping noodle. It typically comes with thick chewy noodles, varying toppings like green onion all the way to egg and chicken karaage, and then a dipping sauce. If you want some more info, and a good laugh, you should check out Portlandia’s episode about tsukemen called “The Noodle Monster”.

Everything here was delicious. The noodles were incredibly chewy, the chicken karaage was crisp, salty and perfect. The broth is definitely on the heavier side, a bit meaty tasting but still awesome.

Both O and I got the deluxe version that came with chicken karaage, egg, deep fried veg, green onion, egg and a lemon wedge on a huge bed of noodles. So worth it.

But for those less hungry there’s a regular version with just noodles and dipping broth!

The interior was really funky, and a few of the staff speak English as well. When you walk in, you choose what you’d like to order from the (very common in Tokyo) vending machine where you pay for your meal up front, the machine spits out little meal stubs, and you hand them over to your server or straight to the cook. It’s been something that I’ve surprisingly found to be one of my favourite parts of eating out in Tokyo. It eliminates the sometimes very long wait at the end of your meal where you ask for the bill, wait for the bill, wait for your change/for the card machine, etc. This means the restaurant doesn’t have to worry about people dining and dashing, and you can leave at any point you’d like as you’ve already paid. There’s no tipping in Japan also, so this method of payment makes even more sense when there’s no need to wait around to leave a tip!

Just off a pretty main road in Shinjuku, this place isn’t too hard to find and definitely worth the trip.

Thanks for stopping by!


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