A wise person once told me to get out of Tokyo once in a while, because Tokyo wasn’t all that Japan had to offer. And as that wise person is my mother who I truly believe possesses an inhuman ability to be right about everything, I listened.

On Owen’s day off of work, we hopped on a train to Yokohama. It took about 30 minutes from central Tokyo, and we were in the middle of bustling Yokohama Station. 

We began our day by meeting our lovely friend at the station for lunch. There’s a large department store attached to the train station where we had our pick of dozens of great restaurants.

After lunch we made our way to China Town, which apparently is the largest in all of Japan. We walked the many winding streets that were lined with restaurants, shops and strung with beautiful lanterns. There was also an alarming number of shops selling panda themed things…

A little walk further brought us to the Cup Noodle Museum. Oh, you read that right. It’s this massive, beautiful building completely dedicated to cup noodles. It’s filled with amazing cup noodle history rooms, weird trippy art displays and best of all… a build your own cup noodle factory. 

It’s probably the most amazing place you’ll ever go. You start by paying the general 500 yen entrance fee to the museum, and then choose your time slot to build your ramen cup. Before and after your time slot you can explore the museum that has tons of interesting displays, a kids playing room, a tasting room where you can pay for samples of cup noodles from all over the world, and a balcony with an amazing view of Yokohama.

When you make it to the build-your-own-cup noodle-room, you pay 300 yen for an empty cup noodle cup, and then are sent to a table with markers to draw/decorate. From there you line up to choose your fillings: noodles, flavourings, toppings. Then it’s sealed in front of you, and you inflate a little bubble bag to take your noodle cup home in.

We didn’t really know what to expect, but we left with huge goofy smiles on our faces. It’s definitely a place for both kids and adults. 

I’ll definitely be back to Yokohama. It’s a stunning city with so much good food and things to do!

Thanks for stopping by! 


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