Bunny Cafe: Ms. Bunny

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a cafe with bunnies. 

Tucked away on a quiet side street right in the center of bustling Roppongi, this little cafe has two floors: the first floor serves hot drinks and cocktails, with a side of teeny tiny hedgehogs to hangout with. On the second floor there are no drinks, but little chairs where you can sit with a blanket on your lap and spend some quality time with a bunny or hedgehog of your choice.

Only in Japan, right?

At first I was hesitant. How could this possibly be nice for the animals? They must be completely traumatized having hoards of people traipsing in and aggressively crying overwhelmed tears of joy all over them. 

But since my friend Holly was about to leave Tokyo and it was her life long dream to hold a hedgehog, we decided to give it a try. And I have to say, after experiencing it, I’ve changed my mind about it a bit.

The process for the bunny & hedgehog floor is, you walk in and take a seat (mind you it’s usually insanely busy. Don’t ever try to go on a weekend, they’re often fully booked. We went mid morning during the middle of the week and luckily got to walk right in. But even then, it was still busy). You choose your time slot, either 30 or 60 minutes, with the optional add on of bunny food to feed them.

We chose the 30 minute package, which cost a little over 1,000 yen. Then we got up and chose our bunny/hedgehog. With the bunnies you get a little blanket and towel over your lap before one of the cafe employees plops what is possibly the cutest thing in existence on your lap. For hedgehogs, they’re delivered onto your lap in a small wooden box and from there you can lift them up to hangout.

The animals are all on a rotation; you can hold one for a maximum of 10 minutes so they don’t get too overwhelmed. And after they’ve hung out with people for a certain amount of time, they are on a “rest period” and you cannot choose them until they’ve had quiet time. All the animals are also up for adoption (for a hefty price) which I thought was a bit of a redeeming factor. If these poor animals were sentenced to a lifetime of being picked up by different people, that would be a bit cruel. But as they’re all looking for homes, I thought it actually was a nice way for people looking to buy a bunny or hedgehog to get acquainted with their new friend before making the commitment. 

Also, it’s Japan. Everyone I saw in that cafe was being so kind and gentle with all the animals. There was not a single person aggressively picking them up or anything of the sort. I couldn’t imagine this working in many other places than Japan, where such a high percentage of the population value respect.

But to be real, how could you resist this face?!

I did not hold myself together in the slightest. That bunny was the tiniest, softest thing I’ve ever seen and it was too much. The veins in my forehead were popping out because I was so overwhelmed with this teeny bunny, see:

This may not be for everyone. I’m honestly still not sure how I feel about the entire concept. But a lot of my doubts and worries went away once I actually went to the place and saw how gently the animals were handled and the measures that were put in place to make sure they weren’t too overwhelmed. 

And they were so fucking cute.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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