Tokyo Eats: Camden’s Blue Star Donuts

Here begins the record keeping of stand out food in Tokyo. 
Honestly, it’s going to be hard not to put down every single one. 

Seriously, we’ve been here for three weeks and we haven’t had a single bad meal- so this will be the first of many posts

When we arrived in Tokyo, naturally one of the first google searches I made was “best pastry shops/bakeries in Tokyo”. High up on that list was Camden’s Blue Star Donuts. With locations all over the US and Japan, my friend Holly and I scuttled on over to the Daikanyama location, tucked into a beautiful building with huge glass windows and light wood panelling. It’s also right next door to a fantastic brewery (coming up in a post soon) that also serves food, so donuts for dessert is beyond tempting; it’s only logical.

The donuts were layed out in all their glory, and there was a solid 5 minutes of pure agony while we tried to decide. I settled on the apple bourbon fritter, Holly got the spiced sweet potato fritter, and we shared the passion fruit donut. We also got coffee, obviously. 

Back home in Vancouver, there are tons of donut shops. Some are great, some are okay. So when we got to Camen’s Blue Star Donuts, I figured that all gourmet donuts had the same characteristics: wild and interesting flavor combinations with a slightly cakey texture. 
But I took a huge bite into the passion fruit donut and it was different. Light, not greasy, not cakey, with a hidden layer of passion fruit jam that packed in so much flavor that the photo I was posing for was ruined because I couldn’t keep up the cute “look at me biting this donut” pose, it was now the “holy shit, passion fruit all up in my face” look. 

Both fritters were also awesome. Non-greasy, full of spice and flavor, fluffy, but not cakey. Which up until now I didn’t realize was the reason I could never finish a donut back home. The cakey quality of the donuts isn’t a bad thing, but they do fill you up way quicker. 

This time I had inhaled my fritter and was a few bites into our shared passion fruit donut before realizing how much I had eaten. It was the first time in history I had eaten more than one donut on my own. And I loved every second of it.

The flawless donuts, combined with great coffee and the stunning interior and exterior design made it a dreamy little spot to sit and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. 

Thanks for stopping by! 



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