Hi Again.

Hey there! It's been a while. I'm sorry for my not-so-brief absence. I don't really have one big reason as to why I haven't been updating the blogs, as much as a million little reasons. For me, I find, that when moving somewhere new there's a few inevitable stages of emotions that I go through.... Continue Reading →


Tokyo Eats: Tokyoen Yaki-Niku 

Have you ever had a meal so good that you think you might actually cry? Regardless of if you have had a spiritual experience with food or not, you need to try this place. It was Owen's birthday a while back, and for dinner his request was that we try something in our neighbourhood that... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Eats: Spring Valley Brewery 

Daikanyama is a poppin' modern neighborhood, filled with charming little shops, restaurants and cafes. As of right now, I could go as far to say it's my favourite area in Tokyo.  If you caught my earlier post about Camden's Blue Star Donuts, this place is two doors down.  A little bit pricey, but a lot... Continue Reading →


A wise person once told me to get out of Tokyo once in a while, because Tokyo wasn't all that Japan had to offer. And as that wise person is my mother who I truly believe possesses an inhuman ability to be right about everything, I listened. On Owen's day off of work, we hopped... Continue Reading →

Moving to Tokyo 101: Housing

Moving anywhere is stressful. But this is my first time moving somewhere with a language barrier, so it's safe to say that I've been continuously in a cold sweat for the past month.  Since we arrived we've been trying to sort ourselves out as quickly as possible, so it's been a mad dash to get... Continue Reading →

Bunny Cafe: Ms. Bunny

It's pretty much what it sounds like. It's a cafe with bunnies.  Tucked away on a quiet side street right in the center of bustling Roppongi, this little cafe has two floors: the first floor serves hot drinks and cocktails, with a side of teeny tiny hedgehogs to hangout with. On the second floor there... Continue Reading →

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